Season Ticket Exchange Program FAQ’s

To exchange seats through your MY HOYAS Account, Adobe Flash must be enabled/allowed on your web browser. For instructions, visit here Google Chrome, here for Internet Explorer, here for Firefox and here for Safari. After enabling Flash, you may also need to clear your internet history/cache.

Who is eligible?
All 2019-20 season ticket holders that are paid in full or in compliance with their ticket cost payment plan are eligible for this program.

What games are available to be exchanged?
The program is available for fourteen of the season’s eighteen home games.

You may exchange tickets into all home games except the following games:

Saturday, December 14 @ 1:00 p.m. vs. Syracuse
Saturday, January 18 @ 2:00 p.m. vs. Marquette
Sunday, March 1 @ 2:00 p.m. vs. Xavier
Saturday, March 7 @ 12:00 p.m. vs. Villanova

How much does it cost?
If you move within your same price level for a similar game, there is no additional charge! You may also have the opportunity to upgrade (upgraded seats are subject to availability). Upgrade costs are determined by the change in “season ticket price” for that particular game (the season ticket price is determined by the value of each game within your season ticket package).

For example, you have one season ticket seat in Section 108 and you are considering exchanging your seat for Central Arkansas for a seat for the game vs. UNC Greeensboro. Your season ticket price for Central Arkansas is $9.00. Should you choose to exchange for a seat in Section 103 (the same price as Section 108), there would be no additional charge. However, should you choose to exchange for a seat in Section 109 (where the season ticket price is $10.00), the cost of the upgrade would total $1.00.

There are no fees associated with the exchange program.

Please note that if you are on a payment plan and choose to exchange seats for a game to which payment has yet to be applied, you will be asked to make a payment as part of the exchange process. This is not an additional cost, but rather an advance payment which will reduce the balance of your payment plan.

Please also note that if you select a seat which has a value less than your current seat, no refunds or credits will be issued.

Will my exchanged seats be next to my current season tickets?
The location of exchanged seats will depend on availability and are therefore not guaranteed to be near your current season tickets.

Can my new exchanged seats and season ticket seats be seated together?
We would be happy to assist you, subject to availability. After exchanging your seats, please contact the Georgetown Athletic Ticket Office at 202.687.HOYA (4692) or for more information. Please note that the season ticket price is only available when exchanging seats; should you choose to upgrade your seats after completing the exchange process, you will be charged the difference based on the current face value of the ticket.

What happens to my old seats?
After exchanging your seats, your former location is surrendered to the Georgetown Athletic Ticket Office.

Is there a limit to how many seats/games I can exchange?
At this time, there is no limit to how many seats/games you can exchange within the eligible groups of games.

Can I exchange tickets for past games?
Tickets may only be exchanged for games which have yet to occur.

Can I buy additional tickets when exchanging/upgrading?
Currently, the exchange program is not configured to give season ticket holders the ability to add seats. If you would like to add seats when exchanging, please contact the Georgetown Athletic Ticket Office at 202.687.HOYA (4692) or

*Exchanges are limited and subject to availability. Games available to be exchanged and associated restrictions are subject to change at any time.



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