Back At It


Patrick HennerWe are back at it!

Our staff and student-athletes are back on the Hilltop and getting into the routine of classes and practice.  We hope our freshman have located all of their classrooms by now!

For some of our student-athletes and staff, the summer was quite short.  The USATF Junior meet was July 4 weekend and we had two athletes, Jon Green and Sabrina Southerland, who qualified for the Junior World meet held in Eugene, Oregon in late July.  So our coaches and a few of our athletes kept the season going late into the summer. A special congratulations to Coach Brandon Bonsey for coaching Jon Green to a USA Junior win in the 10,000! Jon Green had a rough beginning to his freshman year with a lingering injury from his senior year of high school. With Coach Bonsey’s guidance, he recovered and turned what could have been a dismal year into a fantastic finish.  Also deserving recognition is Coach Mike Smith.  He coached Sabrina Southerland to a berth in the World Junior meet. Sabrina earned an individual All-American title during indoor and was still going strong into July.

I am happy to report that all of our athletes reported back to campus in great shape and the early workouts for the men and women have gone very well!  Our athletes are excited to be back training with their teammates and looking forward to the first meet. We will begin the cross country season on September 13 with the women competing at James Madison University and the men at Penn State.

Our current roster is filled with unbelievably talented and determined student-athletes.  They are a dedicated group that is willing to put in the work and live the necessary lifestyle.  Their talent and hard work, though, will go to waste if we do not seek out and travel to the very best competitions in the country.  It is only through your support that we can give these dedicated student-athletes the competitive experiences they need to fulfill their vast potential.

Hoya saxa!

Patrick Henner

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