Sam Smolka enters her senior year as a staple of the varsity eight boats. At the 2014 Head of the Potomac, Smolka rowed in the varsity eight, finishing in first with a time of 16:10. The Hoyas next race will be at the Head of the Charles in Boston, Mass., on the weekend of October 17-19.

What is a race day tradition you have?
“On race day, the entire boat huddles together. With arms wrapped around each other and heads bowed down towards our toes, we list to the inspirational words of our coxswain or coach. Together, we visualize the race, sensing the anticipation and excitement growing within the group. As we raise our heads at the close of the mental exercise, the entire group places their left hand into the middle of a circle and we shout proudly, “WE ARE GEORGETOWN!” From our scream, everyone knows we’re here and a force to be reckoned with.”

What does “Together, We Are Georgetown” mean to you?
“To me, “Together, We Are Georgetown” means that this university is built on pluralism; a coming together of multiple perspectives, personalities and passions.”

What would you like to say to a donor to The Annual Fund for Georgetown Athletics?
“Thank you for donating and helping us succeed! Everything you do makes it possible for us to be the best that we can be and without your continuous support, Georgetown Athletics would not be the same!”

How do you give 110% for Georgetown?
“I give 110% by working at the university in the media center. I teach others how to use the technology of today.”

Hoya Facts with Sam Smolka: 

The favorite thing about Coach Miranda Paris is: Her commitment to the team and inner strength

My favorite class at Georgetown has been: American Political Culture

My favorite tourist activity to do in Washington, DC is: Go for a run through the monuments

My best sport other than rowing is: Tennis

If I could vacation anywhere in the world, I would go to: Italy

The team I look forward to racing most is: Navy

My teammates would be surprised to know that I: Used to have ice skating birthday parties in June

Georgetown Athletics Annual Fund

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