Kaleb Johnson enters his sophomore year after appearing in all 33 games and becoming a valuable reserve in his first season, highlighted with his 14 points and four rebounds against Duke. Kaleb has also been active in the community with his teammates including participating in HoyaMed Summer Sports Camp, a camp held for homeless children organized by Georgetown University Medical Students. Let’s go In the Huddle with Kaleb!

Why did you choose Georgetown Univeresity?

Georgetown is one of the great places in the country to have a combination of basketball and academics.

What has been your favorite team experience?

My favorite experiences so far would have to be beating Syracuse at home last year and going out of the country to Italy my first summer on campus.


What would you like to say to donors of Georgetown Athletics?

Thank you for all of the support, and giving me a chance to compete and continue my studies at such a prestigious university.

Hoya Facts with Kaleb Johnson

My major is: Finance

The teammate I admire most is: Rodney Pryor – he is a hard worker!

My favorite holiday is: Christmas because I enjoy the exchanging of gifts

My favorite class is: Sociology: Kendrick Lamar

Something about me that would surprise my teammates is: I can cook

My favorite sport other than basketball is: Volleyball

The place most likely to find me on campus: Arrupe Hall

My favorite place to eat in Georgetown is: Chipotle

Men's Basketball at Hoyamed Summer Sports Camp

Men’s Basketball at HoyaMed Summer Sports Camp

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