Mike CallahanHoyas win Navy Fall Intersectional

The Georgetown University Sailing Team competed in three events last weekend the results are as follows:

Navy Fall Intersectional – 4 Divisions, 20 Teams

A div. 4th Nevin Snow / Bettina Redway
B div. 12th Sean Golden / Isabelle Teare, Jack Welty
C div. 1st Greg Martinez
D div. 4th Alex Post

Top 5 of 20
College of Charleston
St. Mary’s

The Navy Fall Regatta is the biggest college sailing event of the fall season. 20 of the best teams in the country competed in four divisions for a total of 80 races sailed over the course of the weekend. The Hoyas sailed a very young group at the event 1 junior, 5 sophomores and 1 freshman but they sailed like veterans. A and B division are sailed in double handed boats – FJ and 420, C div is full rig laser and D div is laser radial. On Saturday A and C divisions led the day for the Hoyas. Both divisions sailed finished consistently in the top 10. The Hoyas ended the first day with a slight lead over Charleston, Harvard and Stanford. A cold front blew through on Sunday and the races were run in a puffy, shifty NW wind in the Severn River. On Sunday, it was the laser divisions that led the way for the Hoyas. Alex Post sailing in D division had a masterful day finishing in the top 3 in all but two races. In C division, Greg Martinez was locked in a battle with Harvard for first overall (The Harvard sailor is the reigning youth world champion). The two went back and forth in the battle for C division. Greg was able to stay consistently in the top 5 while the Harvard sailor made one mistake which proved costly in race 18. Greg ended up winning C division by 9 points. Heading into the final race the Hoyas were tied with Charleston for the lead. B division started 1st and the Hoyas got a 15 and Charleston a 13. A division went next and Nevin and Bettina sailed a great race to finish 1st while Charleston got a 9th. C and D both sailed well enough to keep the lead and the Hoyas ended up winning by 9 points. A tremendous win in a very competitive regatta.

Yale Women’s Intersectional
A div. 11th MaryKate Mezzetti / Genevieve Burgoyne
B div. 6th Katia daSilva / Isabelle Luzuriaga

Overall top 10 of 18
Boston College
Coast Guard
Old Dominion

The Hoya Women sailors went to New Haven last weekend to compete in the 18 team Yale Women’s Intersectional. Yale has two fleets of boats so the races were run out in Long Island Sound. Saturday had little wind in the morning and then a 10 mph breeze in the afternoon. Sunday saw bigger winds and waves. The Hoyas sailed well in both divisions and were competitive with the top teams. A few mistakes in some races led to double digit finishes but overall it was a good performance and the Hoyas showed improvement throughout the event. The Women’s Team has two more events coming up: the Harvard Women’s Intersectional followed by the Atlantic Coast Championships.

Captain Hurst Bowl @ Dartmouth 18 Teams
A div. 14th AJ Reiter / Claudia Tasleaar
B div. 14th Massimo Mazzolini / Eliana Michaels

The Hoyas sent three freshmen and a senior to compete against some of the top teams in New England at the Captain Hurst Bowl sailed on Lake Mascoma in Hanover, NH. Mascoma is a tricky place to sail and Saturday it was a tricky as ever. A light, shifty wind filled in from the mountains surrounding the lake and the race course featured some gigantic wind shifts. One side of the course could have people hiking out while on the other side the boats were becalmed. It took a while for the Hoyas to figure out how to deal with the conditions. At the end of the 1st day the Hoyas were near last place overall and not too confident in their abilities. The team regrouped on Sunday though and had a much better day. In B Massimo who is from Monaco and sailed at the Sevenoaks school in the UK started to figure out the short courses sailed in the US. He and Eliana sailed a flawless first race on Sunday and ended up winning by half a leg. In A division AJ and Claudia improved a tremendous amount as well. Claudia is one of our top women’s skippers and was crewing in a regatta for the first time. She did a great job transitioning to the front of the boat and she and AJ found themselves in the lead in a few races on Sunday. The Captain Hurst Bowl was a learning experience and everyone left confident that they could win the regatta next year.

This weekend the Hoyas will be competing in two regattas:
MAISA Match Race Championship @ Kings Point (Sonars)
Skipper – Nevin Snow
Crew – Alex Post
AJ Reiter
Katia DaSilva

KP Dinghy Open @ Kings Point (420/FJ)
A div. Greg Martinez / Eliana Michaels
B div. Sam Oldroyd / Brian Poirier

Hoya Saxa!


Mike Callahan

Head Coach

Mike Callahan

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